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About Us

Our Story

From the beginning, we have aimed to create and consistently build confidence within our community of people who enjoy our products. Starting out as a beauty brand, we decided it would be even more beneficial to sell clothing to make people feel gorgeous and happy with their appearance. Our top selling product was Divine Rose Facial Oil. The reviews from our customers showed that it was effective and made them feel incredible about their appearance, giving them the confidence boost we aimed to create. But as time went on, we were having trouble expanding into the beauty realm with competitive and exceptional products. Our ideas were growing, but as a small business, it was still a challenge.

Expanding into the fashion industry is just as difficult, however, we have many things planned for our future. Becoming a skincare, fashion, and makeup brand is not easy, but it is our vision. Our goal is to create a brand that you can go to for all of your beauty needs. If you need an outfit for a special event, we will have it for you. If you need products to solve your skin issues, we will have it for you. If you need makeup to wear with an outfit you planned, we will have it for you. And finally, if you need a confidence boost that comes from the heart, we have it for you and will continue to give it to you.

Love in May is dedicated to creating a brand you can come to for any of your needs, wants, and concerns. We want to grow with you and be trusted to give amazing products without compromising your finances. We know how difficult it can be to lack confidence and want to hide from the world. But we are here to help you shine brighter than you ever have. We promise.



incredible beauty from ethical sources

We will always source sustainably. Our high quality ingredients are carefully selected for our products to maintain excellent performance. We take initiative by being accountable and always have the environment in mind. Love in May takes pride in using environmentally friendly materials in all of our products and packaging to reduce our waste and create a better experience for you.


clean without compromise forever

Clean beauty is our promise. But just because we are clean doesn't mean you'll have ordinary products. Love in May will always be extraordinary. We are always cruelty-free. Our products are carefully formulated to be amazing on your skin. We love our fluffy friends just as much as the environment! You can count on us to keep them safe from harm.


your beauty routine made simple

We're making products for your daily routine that makes a difference in your skin and are safe for the environment. You don't have to worry about making a purchase that is not worth it from us. Our products are crafted just for you. Our promise is to never sell you something that doesn't work or will cause harm to you or the beautiful planet we live on.

we make products that put people, animals, and our environment first

Learn about our journey to sustainability and what you can do to join us.

Our beauty items aren't the only sustainable products...

full transparency

We source our fabrics from reliable and responsible suppliers who care about the earth just as much as we do. Our main focus is creating products that are ethical and stand the test of time.

our choices matter

That is why we choose to take care of our planet, people, and animals first. We do not use fabrics, dyes, detergents, and many more materials that might harm the environment and those around us.

we can do this together

Love in May is creating a more sustainable future. However, sustainability does not lie strictly on our side. Join us to create a more responsible and clean world by recycling packaging and unwanted items.

our animal friends deserve the best

So that's why we promise to never test anything on animals. Their wellbeing is just as important as ours and we take that very seriously. You may find clothing products of ours that are titled with animal fabrics. However, we only use synthetic materials! Our products are free from any animal materials including furs, pelts, alpaca, materials derived from endangered species, skins, feathers, and so much more. You can rest assured knowing that we truly are a cruelty-free brand!